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Horses are unable to overcome their rider’s limitations. Our job as riders is to be as harmonious and in sync with our horses as possible. This requires us to be extremely body aware, balanced and stable. The Pilates repertoire and further specific strength, conditioning and pliability exercises are guaranteed to improve your position in the saddle, increase your effectiveness and allow you to feel more connected to your horse.

Services include:

    • Position analysis sessions
    • Clinics
    • Group off horse Pilates
    • Individual mounted position sessions
    • Online classes and the Rider Revolution in 4 Weeks Program

Jess has an excellent technical eye. She can assess your position and simultaneously offer cues to improve it. She is highly qualified, has a wealth of experience as an athlete and coach and is an extremely effective communicator. She very much looks forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your riding goals.

Building Body awareness - creating harmonious partnerships

Online Classes For Riders

Jess from Performance Pilates provides riders the opportunity to work through a range of different classes suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels at home, with a series of online classes through her online training zone. The subscription service is $55/month and provides a vast array of content for the rider, including individual exercises, apparatus classes, stretching classes and so much more! With so many people reaping the benefits of Jess’s classes, why don’t you join today!

There is also the extremely popular Rider Revolution in 4 Weeks online program. It will change the way you ride!

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