Jess is excited to announce her 2024 Performance Pilates sponsored riders

Kristy Sparkes

Performance Pilates is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Kristy Sparkes for another year.
Kristy’s steely determination, resolve, openness to learning and horsemanship, in conjunction with her innate kindness and thoughtfulness, align wonderfully with the values of Performance Pilates.
I am looking forward to some highly engaging and perhaps at times challenging, Studio sessions ahead!
Wishing her the very best for a super 2022.

Pip Lawson

Pip has lived and breathed horses her whole life. In 2016 she was involved in a major car accident and broke 10 bones in her legs. Since then she has commenced a long and challenging road to recovery, enduring multiple operations. Unable to continue to compete in show-jumping as a result of the trauma from the accident, Pip is now focused on building a partnership with her trusty OTT Bob and is in the process of being classified for Para equestrian.

We are looking forward to a wonderful partnership with Pip and hope to be able to significantly assist her on her journey back to strength. Welcome to the team, Pip.

Lynn MacIntyre

Lynn is a breeder of German Riding Ponies and Dutch Riding Ponies. Horses run deep through her blood. She is also a highly respected equestrian coach and mentor. Lynn has suffered deep loss with the passing of her daughter last year from cancer. With her extraordinary strength and resilience, she has begun setting goals for herself – one of which is the be the fittest and most agile rider she can be. With a string of Performance Ponies to be campaigned, she is keen to work hard to improve her physical fitness. We are absolutely delighted to be able to help her in this endeavour.

Welcome to the team!

Maddison Bailey – Junior Development Sponsorship

Maddison is a 13 year old schoolgirl who wrote the most extraordinary sponsorship application. Completely overwhelmed by her determination and attitude, Performance Pilates is supporting Maddison via a Junior Development sponsorship. Together with her pony Calypso, they focus predominantly on dressage. She detailed so beautifully how she thought Pilates training was the missing link in her riding and how important she felt training off the horse is, for the success of a horse/rider combination.

We are looking forward to a great partnership with Maddison.

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