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"The Rider Revolution in 4 Weeks Program"

Do you need to improve your torso stability and body control?
How is your flexibility?
Are you seeking symmetry and improved proprioception in the saddle?
Are you wanting to create a more harmonious partnership with your horse?
Are you wanting to take your riding to the next level by being a better load to carry?

Then this program is for  you!

For just a $66 one off payment, you get full access to

3 self-guided sessions per week over the 4 week program

That's 12 SESSIONS FOR $66!!

The Rider Revolution in 4 Weeks program is an online equestrian specific program, for those wanting to improve their riding. Over 4 weeks, in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience, you will undertake 3 sessions per week of between 20-25 mins duration. You will simply login using the details you enter at signup, and make your way through each of the video sessions, which will appear in sequence on the Rider Revolution video display page.
You do this in your time, when it fits into your schedule.

Remember, you have 4 weeks access from THE TIME OF SIGNUP!

So make sure you are ready to start the program on the day you signup.

Every exercise in this program has been designed to specifically address the body awareness, core strength, balance, endurance, proprioception and flexibility of the rider and helps to significantly improve your on and off horse performance.
This program has been tried and tested by riders of all levels.
Each exercise is carefully described and demonstrated by Jess Morrison, a Professional Pilates Instructor for over 14 years. Jess has a wealth of experience teaching riders across all levels and disciplines. She is a rider herself and has tested out every single exercise featured in the program multiple times! She has an ability to describe in great depth, the intricacies of each exercise, with exceptional attention to detail. She has been teaching for nearly 30 years. She is a former Australian representative elite athlete. She has worked with athletes across multiple sports. Jess regularly contributes her ideas to Equestrian magazines as well as presenting at Equitana, conducting clinics, private lessons and more! If you want experienced instruction, look no further!

If you’re tired of your instructor telling you to sit up and engage your abdominals, and you’re not sure how – then this is guaranteed to teach you!

If you have any questions throughout the program, feel free to get in touch. Jess is on hand to support you.

"A horse cannot overcome physical limitations of the rider. By prioritising your fitness with carefully considered exercises and movements, you are building awareness, understanding, and body control. I guarantee that your horse will thank you for it."
- Jess Morrison

Join me today for only $66