Why Pilates?

Everyone can benefit from undertaking Pilates with a qualified and experienced instructor. Everyone!! My clients range in age from 14 to 75. The benefits it brings the entire body, including the mind, are immense. Pilates is a whole body, strength and conditioning regime. It’s kind to your joints, helps you understand the bodies center and the huge power that lies within, by focusing on the activation of the deep abdominal muscles. Known for correcting faulty postures, improving balance, heightening body awareness, increasing flexibility and improving overall vitality, Pilates has helped me change peoples lives for the better. Every single part of your body is addressed in each session. Your Pilates training will change the way you work and play. It has been an utter joy to witness the transformations in my clients.

As Joseph Pilates himself stated:

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30, you will have a whole new body.

Why Performance Pilates

Performance Pilates offers you a range of tailor made and exclusive pilates classes to suit your needs. We aim to create a safe and friendly environment for you to begin, nurture and enhance your Pilates journey – at what ever stage you are at. Jess has an incredible knowledge of the body and how Pilates can help you increase your core strength, ability to do more and feel better.

Performance Pilates is located in the Macedon Ranges Victoria, where group, studio, live stream and online classes are all conducted. In her purpose built studio Jess provides a beautiful backdrop for you to calm your mind and feel engaged with your Pilates class. With a range of options Performance Pilates is proud to be able to deliver high quality Pilates content in many varied forms, directly to you!