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All you need is a mat!


Yep, Pilates is unbelievably accessible.

Find yourself a comfortable workout mat and you’re away! I always teach my clients the fundamental exercises on the mat. No equipment. No resistance. No moving platforms. Learning how to utilise your own body weight and to pay close attention to how you move through space will bring extraordinary gains in a short space of time.  Pilates on the mat will offer you a comprehensive full body workout. It will teach you about core stabilisation, disassociation, correct breathing, oppositional lengthening of your body and it will assist with joint mobilisation and flexibility. This helps create improved posture, builds functionality and produces longevity. And it is so unbelievably effective!

A 2018 study of 90 people published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation found that participants who practiced Pilates for one hour, three times a week for eight weeks, improved their scores on a functional movement screen, which measures things like balance, stability, and mobility.

I continue to be amazed by the staggering progressions my clients make using just their bodies on the mat.

Some of my favourite exercises include:

The hundred

The chest lift

The roll-up

The pelvic curl

The spine twist

The basic back extension

The pike

The front support

Plus, all the phenomenal and fun variations that exist with the above exercises, presenting endless options for challenge.

There are a heap of online classes in my online training zone video library that just utilise the mat!

And, of course there is the entire Rider Revolution program, which is mat based, progressive, targeted and incredibly effective.

Go find yourself a comfy mat and enjoy the incredible benefits that await!